Break Free from White Supremacy

with Fr. Jabriel Ballentine, Keynote Speaker & Workshop Facilitator

A displaced people. A life in bondage. Miraculous freedom.

For over a century, black Americans have identified with the biblical story of the Exodus—when God rescued his people from slavery and led them to the land flowing with milk and honey.

But fifty years have passed since Jim Crow laws were repealed, and the promised land has never materialized—black lives matter as little today as they did before the civil rights movement. Why would God allow his people to have such a degrading experience?

In Black Power, Fr. Jabriel S. Ballentine offers a new perspective that not only answers this question but also shifts the entire conversation away from “why” and toward redemption and reconciliation: it’s the story of Joseph—not the Exodus—that truly encompasses the black experience.

Ballentine sets the groundwork for this new perspective by first explaining the traditional liberation narrative of the Exodus story. He goes on to redefine what liberation really is, applying that definition to Joseph’s story and to black Americans’ stories today.

It is only through this perspective change and the reconciliation it informs, says Ballentine, that we can redeem history and change the future of America.

Presentation Topics

Redeeming Black Identity & Fostering Reconciliation

Nothing shapes experience as strongly as perspective. It’s time for Black Americans to revolutionize their perspective, redeem their experiences, and turn the idea of making America great again upside down.

White supremacy has historically devalued Black lives & the contributions of Black people. Yet, what if God has allowed this reality in order to prepare Black people to dismantle White supremacy and making America a truly great nation?

In light of the present racial tensions, it’s time for Black people to embrace our God-given position and approach American society from a position of prophetic authority that compels repentance and fosters reconciliation. This presentation will help audiences identify that role and motivate them to embody it.

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Creating a Championship Love in Marriage & Family Life

The legacy of slavery & white supremacy has complicated relationships between Black men and women, by creating discord & division between them. But I believe a championship caliber marriage and family life is a critical component to defeating the white supremacy.

Once we begin to see marriage as a tool that helps us through the wilderness so we can make it to the promised land, we will engender the commitment needed to overcome the challenges of racism.

This foundational relationship shapes the way we engage with everything else in the world. These presentations help men & women identify how they can create & maintain a championship caliber team that enables them to be victorious in their journey.

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Navigating the Wilderness to Find the Promised Land

The American wilderness presents particular obstacles that make the journey to the promised land a perilous one with myriad distractions. This wilderness is reinforced by western Christianity–an unrepentant theology that keeps us in bondage to the interests of white supremacy.

In order to reconcile the cognitive dissonance that exists between who we are and who we believe we are so that you can make marked progress toward the Promised Land, we must abandon western christian interpretations and return to the authentic Christian witness of the Ancient Church.

These presentations help people identify and recommit to the Promised Land Dr. King envisioned so they can truly overcome the obstacles they must confront.

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What Others Are Saying

Susan Goff Jabriel Ballentine

Jabriel Ballentine speaks with passion and integrity, naming clearly the way things are while offering real hope for the way they yet might be.

Tim Nunez Jabriel Ballentine

Jabriel is a true blessing in sharing his personal story, perspectives and the hard facts of how racism infects our communities, institutions and patterns of life – crushing hope for many. His passion is shaped by his faith in God and his deep love of people. His personal warmth helps him deliver hard truths.

Jabriel was a star. He was the perfect combination of honesty and humility. The participants where challenged by his thoughts and commented on how much they learned during the presentation, even if part of the challenge was the discomfort that confrontation with reality and truth evokes.

He brought wise words to UCF today for our panel discussion on racism. You know you made the kids think when they stick around talking with the panelists for an extra hour! On behalf of the Center for Law and Policy, many thanks.

Your words to our students were truly thought provoking & inspirational, and delivered in a manner that opened their hearts. Many students have continued to discuss your sermon & have asked when you will return.

Whether it is speaking to a group setting, leading a seminar, or a one to one engagement, you will benefit by sitting under the teaching, coaching and counseling of Jabriel Ballentine.

After the talk several participants shared with me how much they enjoyed it & told me that I should bring him back to campus for another presentation…If you are looking for someone who can speak knowledgeably and authoritatively about matters of race, social justice, and theology, then you need look no further than Jabriel Ballentine

Jabriel is a leader in forging deep conversations where truth is found. He is inspiring & informative, challenging & encouraging…He left us wanting even more conversation for life transformation…

About Jabriel S. Ballentine

Fr. Jabriel Ballentine is a personal pastor and public theologian who inspires people through biblical insights and spiritual vision to develop fuller relationships with God, themselves and those around them so that they can find ever-greater fulfillment in their lives.

He is host of Blacks with Power podcast, which is a theological guide for those Blacks in America who find themselves in positions of power and are committed to using that power toward the redemption of Black people, in the image of God that’s been sullied by White supremacy. He is also cohost of Racial Heresy, a monthly podcast on Christian theology and racial reconciliation that debunks the established racial doctrines which keep us separate and helps people engage in meaningful conversations across the color line. He is the author and performer of Journey to the Promised Land, an album of Gospel inspired spoken word poetry that inspires compassion for those who live outside of mainstream American life. And also he authored "Game Changer: How to Find a Championship Love," to help men and women create & maintain the marriage and family relationships that empower their journey.

Fr. Jabriel holds a Master’s Degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary and a Bachelor’s from the University of Maryland. He is an Executive Council Member for the Episcopal Church, serving as liaison to the Church’s Commission on Anti-Racism. He resides in Dr. Phillips, Florida with his wife and children.

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